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For child survivors of parental suicide, sports can be an essential outlet to cope with the trauma of such a tremendous loss. Leiah’s Mark, Inc. (501c3) aims to relieve some of the financial burden associated with the cost of sports after the loss of a parent to suicide.

Sports and other exercise-related activities help the body release dopamine—which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure and help to regulate heart rate, sleep cycles, mood, attention, motivation, working memory, learning, and pain processing. Sports and exercise can play a valuable role in helping people adapt to loss:

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Discovering love, strength & focus through sports

Sports can serve as a crucial outlet for child survivors of parent suicide, offering them a path toward healing and resilience. Recognizing this, Leiah’s Mark provides essential financial assistance to child athletes aged 5-18 who have tragically lost a parent or guardian to suicide. Our organization offers monetary support and equips families with the necessary tools to navigate, educate, and foster mental health. Moreover, Leiah’s Mark ensures no child feels alone by providing invaluable peer-to-peer support.

However, some families facing financial constraints may be unable to afford the experiences that could help a child endure the darkest times. In this context, Leiah’s Mark emerges, driven by the mission of enabling children to discover love, strength, and focus through sports. By removing financial barriers, our organization empowers young survivors to find solace and build resilience, creating a brighter future despite their challenges.

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Jamie Hoelbl

Founder & Board President

Jenny Sansone

Board Treasurer

Richie Geiersbach

Board Secretary

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